PNG and File Uploader Fix for Kajabi

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PNG and File Uploader Fix for Kajabi

Jason Go
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Activate FilePicker V3

Kajabi's latest uploader, the FilePicker 3, has a couple of cool new features including the much awaited fix for PNG and GIF transparency. However, it's only activated to some users. Here's a browser extension that activates it!

How to know if you have FilePicker 2 or 3?

This is FilePicker 2

This is FilePicker 3

The easiest and fastest way to activate FilePicker 3 is using this browser extension!

How to Install the Extension

Step 1: Once downloaded, extract the zipped folder to your computer.

Step 2: In the address bar go to chrome://extensions

In the Extensions tab, be sure to turn ON the Developer mode

Then click Load unpacked.

Step 3: In the file dialog box, go to the folder where you extracted the kajabi_fp3_activator folder, then Select that folder.

Step 4: You should see the FilePicker V3 Activator for Kajabi extension loaded in the Extensions tab just like in the image.

If you will be editing Kajabi in incognito mode, you need to check Allow in incognito to make it work.

For MS Edge users: If a warning appears when you restart your browser, just click the X button (exit).

The extension's code only works in Kajabi editor and it's sole purpose is to activate the FilePicker 3 commands. It's safe and you can even read the codes if you know how.

I want this!
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